Metrics Service
Metrics Service

Metrics Service

The Metrics Service has been developed thanks to the HIRMEOS project. It is jointly operated by Ubiquity Press, Open Book Publishers and COARD and collects usage and impact metrics related to Open Access monographs from many different sources and allows for their access, display and analysis from a single access point.

The Metrics Service currently operates as a beta service. Its full release is planned for 2021.

The OPERAS Metrics Suite is comprised of a shared data model, various open source tools and services designed to serve the various components used by the shared OPERAS database and API used for a diverse range of usage and impact metrics including downloads, web visits, tweets, wikipedia mentions, etc.

Status: Active

Timeline: Currently beta, full release in 2021

Current usage: six partners (OAPEN, OBP, UP, EKT, GUP, OE)

Unique selling point: Only solution that allows you to create your own driver to retrieve information from the sources you want and to ingest it in the central database.

Service area/category: Metrics

Service agreement:

Pricing: Free for users, free for publishers

Access to the service: