Discovery Service
Discovery Service

Discovery Service

Based on Isidore platform
Provided by Huma-Num (FR)

The Discovery Service is currently under development thanks to the Horizon 2020 EU TRIPLE project. It is operated by Huma-Num and will provide European Researchers a single point to discover SSH open scholarly resources such as data, publications, and other researchers and projects which are currently scattered across local repositories. The Discovery Service allows for the discovery of resources in different languages from a variety of sources across multiple countries. The service will be based on the existing French ISIDORE platform provided by Huma-Num, with many more extra languages to be discovered, and additional innovative services directly plugged-in the platform such as annotation service, recommendation service, trust-building service, visualisation service, etc.
The Discovery Service is currently under development. Its operation is planned for 2023.


Status: In development

Timeline: Currently in development, prototype release in 2021, full release in 2023.

Current usage:

Unique selling point: Discoverability of data, publications, researchers’ profiles and projects from a single access point.

Service area/category: Scholarly Communication, Discovery, Researchers, Data, Projects

Pricing: Free for users

Access to the service: