Pundit Manual

How to use the Pundit Annotator How to start using Pundit Annotator The white papers should be reviewed directly on the Living book page which is on OPERAS’ website. To review a White Paper, click on the Pundit logo on

Tools Research & Development

Tools Research and Development Special Interest Group The Special Interest Group Tools Research and Development works on emerging practices and needs in the use of tools in Open Scholarly publishing: peer review, authoring, publication and dissemination. It provides a common

Platforms and Services

Platforms and Services Special Interst Groups The Special Interest Group Platforms and Services works on the OPERAS catalogue of services, including their developments, governance, sustainability and insurance. It entails to set up contractual relationships between the infrastructure and the services.

OA Business Models

Open Access Business Models Special Interest Group The Open Access Business model Special Interest Group works on the main business models currently used by open access publishers, with a particular focus on the situation of European publishers in the social


Multilingualism Special Interest Group Scholarly publication is indisputably boosted by the use of the English language. However, the need to publish in English in order to get visibility and recognition represents an impoverishment of certain research fields, particularly in Social

Common Standards and FAIR Principles

Common Standards and FAIR Principles Special Interest Group The Special Interest Group Common Standards aims at exploring the workflows, mediums and technical standards that have recently emerged as a result of the changes brought about by the transition to Open

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups What are OPERAS Special Interest Groups?  OPERAS Special Interest Groups (SIG) were launched at the First OPERAS Workshop, held on 26/27 June 2017 in Amsterdam, under the name of “Working Groups”. They first presented their work at