Future Services

Future Services Other services, such as a platform to support translation, a single access point to book reviews, a support service to publishing tools users, or a federated annotation service, are under consideration. OPERAS’ catalog of services is designed to

Research for Society

Research for Society Based on hypotheses.org platformProvided by OpenEdition (FR) The Research for Society Service is designed to be an interactive platform between SSH researchers and the society at large. Developing the practices of academic blogging, the hypotheses.org platform already

Publishing Service Portal (PSP)

Publishing Service Portal (PSP) Publishing Service PortalProvided by UniTO (IT) and Lexis SRL (IT) The Publishing Service Portal (PSP) is currently under development thanks to the OPERAS-P project. The PSP will be operated by the University of Torino and Lexis

Certification Service (PRISM)

Certification Service (PRISM) Based on Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) PlatformProvided by DOAB Stichting (NL) The Certification Service has been developed thanks to the Horizon 2020 EU HIRMEOS project. The Peer Review Information Service for Monographs (PRISM) is offered

Metrics Service

Metrics Service The Metrics Service has been developed thanks to the HIRMEOS project. It is jointly operated by Ubiquity Press, Open Book Publishers and COARD and collects usage and impact metrics related to Open Access monographs from many different sources

Discovery Service (TRIPLE)

Discovery Service Dedicated platform for social sciences and humanities publications, projects, and researcher profiles The Discovery Service is currently under development thanks to the Horizon 2020 EU TRIPLE project. It is operated by Huma-Num and will provide European Researchers a


OPERAS Services OPERAS is currently in its preparation phase, developing a catalog of different scholarly communication services at European level, addressing the specific needs of the research community identified in the previous Horizon 2020 EU OPERAS projects OPERAS-D and HIRMEOS.