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OAPEN is dedicated to Open Access to scholarly monographs. The foundation operates two platforms: the OAPEN Library, a platform for hosting, dissemination and preservation of open access books, and the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), a discovery service for Open Access books. OAPEN was launched in 2008 as a 30-month targeted project co-funded by the EU in its eContentplus-program. The project was conducted by University Presses from 6 countries, coordinated in the Netherlands by Amsterdam University Press (AUP) and supported by the University of Amsterdam (Uva) and the University of Leiden (UL). The project was continued in 2011 as the OAPEN Foundation, founded by AUP, UL, University Library of Utrecht University (UU), Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW), National Library of the Netherlands (KB) and AUP. These institutes act as Participants in the foundation. The Foundation received financial support from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Support from above mentioned participants and NWO was renewed in 2014.

For more information visit: oapen.org

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Hypothesis is a non-profit software company focused on enabling humans to reason more effectively together through a shared, collaborative discussion layer over all knowledge. Hypothesis is working with publishers, platform hosts, and technology partners to create an interoperable standards-based annotation layer and workflow solution to support the research life cycle.

For more information visit: web.hypothes.is

Linguistics in Open Access – LingOA

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LingOA facilitates the transition of prestigious subscription journals in linguistics to Fair Open Access. LingOA will work with any publisher who complies with the Fair Open Access Principles: Journals are scholar-owned, authors retain copyright, all articles are published in Open Access, authors do not pay for Article Processing Charges (APCs), APCs are low and transparent. LingOA guarantees payment of the APCs of the articles published in LingOA journals during a transition period of five years. Long-term sustainability after the transition period is provided by the Open Library of Humanities (OLH) through its consortial library funding model.

For more information visit: lingoa.eu

Quality Open Access Market – QOAM


QOAM is an academic market place for OA publishing. Quality judgment of the journals is based on academic crowd sourcing, price information includes institutional memberships and licenses. With 24.000 journals and over 8500 scorecards, QOAM’s proof of concept is demonstrated. QOAM covers all journals which publish articles in open access. As such it is multidisciplinary. But disciplinary partitioning is dead simple. Specific market places in QOAM (e.g. for our OPERAS partner LingOA) have already been set up and libraries or others could easily define and maintain specific HSS QOAMcorners for their own clientele.

For more information visit: qoam.eu

SPARC Europe

SPARC Europe

SPARC Europe is one of Europe’s long-standing voices advocating for unfettered access to research and education. SPARC Europe is a Dutch foundation committed to delivering on the promise of open access, open science, open scholarship and open education. Since our founding in 2003, we have been driving Open Access to research forward by influencing open policies in Europe and working with European institutions such as the European Commission, Europe’s research institutions and universities, and organisations with allied Open agendas. Our mission is to make Open the default. Sustaining open infrastructures is part of that mission, which is why we are pleased to partner with OPERAS as an essential node in the Open Science ecosystem we are building together.

For more information visit: sparceurope.org